Three Verity Hacks: Maxi Skirt, Crop Top & Button Tab Cowl

Looking for more ways to get use out of the Verity pattern? Well, you’re in luck, because I have a few extra ideas for you today.

I have been really into high-waisted skirts and crop tops over the past year, and I particularly like midi and maxi length skirts with crop tops. Why? They make me look tall and long-legged! Something this 5’0″ gal with a long lower torso usually only dreams about. I have to laugh, because conventional fashion advice that I always received told me that as a short woman I should avoid these skirt lengths. Good thing I don’t care about arbitrary fashion rules anymore.  ;P

Verity Maxi or Midi Skirt

The first hack is for a turning the Verity skirt into a midi or maxi length skirt.

To create the maxi skirt, I traced the outline of the original skirt.

Then, I measured from the center waistline of the original skirt down the tracing paper to the skirt length I wanted.

Once I had the new hemline location marked, I placed the original pattern’s hem at the marking and traced the pattern piece along the hemline and side seam.

I then measured from the side of the waistline, between the two traced side seams, and down to the same total length as the center front of the skirt.

Next, I drew the new side seam, and measured from waistline to hemline at several intervals, marking and ensuring that the total length throughout the entire skirt was the same as the center front of the skirt.

I connected my hemline markings to create the new hemline.

Et, voila, the skirt piece was ready.

I wanted to create a sleek, no waistband finish on the outside of the skirt. So, I cut the waistband that comes with the Verity pattern slightly smaller and sewed it like a facing to the waist of the skirt.


I also added a strip of elastic below the understitch line…

and stitched the bottom of the facing to the skirt at the side seams to ensure that the waistband doesn’t roll out. If you want some extra facing security, you can handstitch in a few other spots.

If you like the look of a waistband, you could add one. Simply sew up the side seams of the waistband, fold it in half (wrong sides together), and stitch the raw edges to the waist of the skirt. For a snugger waistband, insert elastic inside the folded waistband (see the cowl crop below).

Can’t resist the urge to twirl when wearing a long flared skirt

Verity Crop Top

This crop top is the easiest hack ever. It features omitted sleeve bands and a waistband that is simply hemmed along the bottom. Both the sleeves and the waistband hem were done with a blind hem to match the bottom of the skirt.

I wanted these two pieces to look as smooth and sleek as possible. You could choose to sew standard topstitched hems or twin-needle hems.

I also want to point out the importance of testing your material before cutting out your neckband for the cowl-less version of Verity. Since all materials have different amounts of stretch, they may require some changes to band lengths, especially around the neckline.

In this case, I should have removed some material from the neckband length to mitigate the dreaded bacon neck. After these pictures were taken, I had to take the neckband off and create a new neckband that was 3/4″ shorter in length. Sometimes it requires a LOT of stretching to make the neckband fit, but if you are diligent, you can hopefully avoid bacon neckband.

Verity Cowl Crop Top with Button Tab 

This top features a cowl with a fun little button tab feature, and the waistband is folded and elasticated.

To achieve this waistband, simply sew the side seams of the Verity waistband, fold the piece in half and stitch the folded band to the bodice, leaving an opening for inserting your elastic into the casing. I used 1″ elastic for my waistband. Once you insert the elastic and stitch the ends together, just sew the rest of the waistband seam. You could also choose to simply fold the waistband in half and omit the elastic. I added it to this top for an extra-fitted waistline.

For the button tab, cut a rectangle that is about 8.5″ by 5″. Fold the rectangle in half along the long side, right sides together. (see below).

Stitch along the long side and one short side, turn right side out and press.

Once have sewn the cowl to the neckline, sew the raw short end of the cowl tab to the neckline, according to your desired placement.

Attach your neckline binding, encasing the neckline seam allowances, including the raw edges of the button tab.

Once your finished top is right side out, attach the button tab to the right side of the bodice with your covered button.

The button tab is an easy way to add a nice decorative detail.

Have fun experimenting and sewing!

If you don’t have a copy yet, the Verity pattern is available here and here.

P.S. I haven’t posted on the blog much recently because I have several ongoing projects that I can’t share about just yet (which is SO difficult). Anyway, if you ever wonder what I’m up to, I usually post to Instagram (@creativenotions & @moxiepatterns) fairly regularly. So, if you’re interested, I’d love to connect with you there.

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