Wicked wasps, meet the Wasp Warrior

As you know, I am running in the Warrior Dash this Sunday. In preparation, I have been working on a costume.

Last year I suggested the possibility of making a bee/wasp inspired outfit (You can read the post if you would like to know the back story). So, I decided to channel my worst fear/enemy when creating my costume for the Warrior Dash. My friends, I am a Wasp Warrior!

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The bees are back in town

Spring is here! There are so many trees blooming and animals and insects moving…Although I’ve been thinking about how much I love spring over the past few days, I’ve also been paranoid about the return of the bugs… Despite the influx of bugs however, to my everlasting thankfulness, there had been no wasps.

Friday morning that all changed…

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Feel my Wasp-loathing Wrath

I thought we had a truce, an understanding, an appreciation for one another. But the wasps have disturbed the peace.

Since the “Battle of the Retaining Wall” (my name for the stinging event that took place on our first day of work on the house), the wasps had attempted to demoralize me and to bully me, but never again had they sought to assault me. This behavior was all a ploy, a performance to disguise their true plot…Let’s get something straight here. You can attack me, persecute me, and terrorize me. But the minute you turn your spiteful eyes toward an innocent puppy, you invoke the full fury of this furry friend-lover.

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Becca + Wasps = Eternal Enmity

The wasps at my house must have sipped some sort of mutant, evil-aggression-inducing nectar. I have not gotten stung again, but I have had several close calls…I have been checking every crevice around the outside of the house for these predators. I continue to find large nests to spray. Even with the solace of the death-to-wasps jet sprayer, I’m like a scared child checking the closet for the bogey man.

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