First pair of Thurlow trousers in pinstripes

I finished this pair of Thurlows a couple of weeks ago, but I was too busy sewing and enjoying Thanksgiving to take pictures and get a post up.

This is the first pair that I’ve made and there are still adjustments to be made.

The back is not a shining example of the best possible fit, but it’s not bad, at all. With a rear like mine, it’s difficult to keep the pants from having some sort of cupping action without making the pants baggy.

The picture below explains why I have such a hard time finding pants that fit. Just take a gander at the shape of the back extension (And I’ll actually have to take the waist in just a tiny bit more on the next pair!). Look in the dictionary under the adjective “pear-shaped,” and you may just find me there waving back at you.

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