To the dump and back again, and again, and again

IMG_5729I haven’t posted an update about our home renovation in a LONG time, but Alex and I have been working on the house quite a but lately. We’ve been doing lots of demolition, and we’re getting very excited about seeing our vision come to life. We have set a goal to finish a large portion of the inside of the house before the warmth of spring arrives. That way we can focus on the outside of the house in the spring…

Destroying that old, nasty, moldy kitchen was invigorating!

We found another gem of a message left for us from the teenage girl who used to live here…

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Partial Kitchen & Peanut Chicken

We’re making progress here and there on the kitchen. We measured and planned out the cabinet boxes…Then, we constructed the cabinet boxes for one side of the kitchen, sans the facings. I even helped with cutting the wood, and I got to use the nail gun a few times…The first thing I made on the stove was peanut chicken…If you’re curious, here’s how to make this dish…

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It’s Only Temporary

“It’s only temporary.”

Those words usually hold no solace for me. Temporary could be a month, or it could be many months. So, rather than reminding myself, it’s temporary, you can live with it, I’m going to make the best of it.

Now is my chance to experiment with things I would never try otherwise. The first of which is painting the floor in my sewing room.

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