Pots Made from Lampshades and Tea Plates

The other day, when I was walking around the thrift store, I came up with an idea for inexpensive, decorative pots.

Every thrift store has unique little tea plates that are missing their tea cups, or just charming, ornamental plates.

These stores also have an array of glass lampshades from discarded light fixtures.

So I thought to myself, why not combine these two readily available items to make inexpensive and unique pots?

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Picnicking with Petunias and Other Pretty Plants

When I saw this old picnic basket in the thrift store last week, it beckoned me to snatch it up and make it into a new home for some flowers.
At first, I wanted to put some daisies in it (I am inexplicably drawn to daisies—all the time), but I decided to go against my natural inclination. I put a combination of plants with different leaves, colors, and heights into the basket.

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Gardening is My New Favorite Activity

I have a new favorite activity, one that I never thought I’d enjoy so thoroughly: gardening.

I’m not letting it replace the other things I like to do, but I will definitely make an allotted time for it each day.

I may be new to it, and it will probably take a bit of time before I’m any good at it. However, from the small amount that I’ve done, I thoroughly enjoy getting dirty and nurturing plants. I don’t even mind most of the bugs, and believe it or not, I like weeding.

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