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Christmas dress & a new look for winter

IMG_5856I know I said I wouldn’t have a sewing post up again until January but I couldn’t resist sharing my Christmas dress that I finished at the last minute before we left.

I’ve had the material for several years, and I think I bought it at the thrift store in Moscow, ID. It’s a light pink and white with snowflakes and reindeer. It’s perfect for winter. It’s Christmas-y but not so much so that I can’t wear it at other times in the winter. Continue reading

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The joys and pains of the end of 2011

I’m back! Since I’ve been away for many months, I am essentially re-launching my blog. It will take a long post to recap the events of the past few months, but it would seem strange not to share them. For those who are interested, the following is a summation of the events in my life since September. Continue reading

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