Stripe and Floral Print Mix Dress


Last fall, I was especially fond of mixing prints together for outfits. So, I dreamed up this dress one day while looking through my fabric stash.


Now that fall weather is finally making an appearance,  I am excited to wear this dress more again. The colors are very fall appropriate and it’s easy to put together layered outfits with this color mix.


I made this dress using the Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte pattern. I just shortened the shirt into a bodice and added the skirt from my Verity pattern.


Both knits are thrifted materials.


Honestly, not too much else to say about this dress. It was a pretty quick and simple dress to sew up, but I still wanted to share her.

I was apparently feeling particularly goofy while taking these photos a few months back. So, here are some derpy poses and faces for the road. 😉



See ya’ later. I hope Monday treats you well!

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4 Responses to Stripe and Floral Print Mix Dress

  1. heatherandthepugs says:

    Such a great mix of prints! You look adorable!

  2. Nilla says:

    Very cute outfit!

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