Return to the Pacific Northwest

A couple of weeks ago, my husband had a business trip up in Northern Idaho and Washington. I went with him for this week-long journey. I’ve missed being in the Pacific Northwest ever since we moved away, so I was excited to have the opportunity to return there for a visit. We had hoped to be able to spend some time in the Seattle area, but that didn’t work out. So, I spent the week at a quaint but comfortable hotel along the river in Post Falls, ID. I spent the evenings with hubby, and engaged in a variety of activities during the day. It was a beautiful location, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Several days I walked into town and visited some of the many thrift and antique stores in the area. I couldn’t believe how many of them there were, and they were so neat and clean inside.

Anyway, I purchased a variety of things, over a period of a few days. We had to bring four suitcases between the two of us, because my husband to bring some parts for two of his machines he was installing for customers. So, on the return trip we had an excessive amount of space to bring items back.

Each day I went out, I returned with something. I got quite a bit of extra exercise that way, because it was about a mile into town, and then I’d walk around town to the various shops and carry my finds back to the hotel.

One day, I estimated that I was carrying at least 25 lbs. on my return trip. That may not seem like much, but over a several mile trek, it was a bit wearying.  Plus I had my purse with me (which is a ridiculous size, due to my inexplicable compulsion to carry almost everything I own with me at all times). By the third day that I walked into town, I had learned my lesson, and left my purse behind. I only brought things that could go in my pockets.

I did get some work done during the trip as well. Mostly I did a lot of writing, but I also did some research for the creation of this blog. Several days, the weather was conducive to lying out in the sun for a short while.

One reason that I like going to hotels is because of the opportunity to use the Fitness Room. I like working out on the elliptical trainer, and this is usually the only chance I get to use one. So, I enjoyed much-needed variety in my workout schedule during that week. I went running along some lovely trails, gliding on the elliptical trainer, and even squeezed in some kickboxing in the hotel room (I brought some of my kickboxing videos with me, and there was just enough room when I rearranged all of the furniture).

I also had the chance to catch up on some reading. I read several books and many magazines. Magazines are something I have always enjoyed reading, but often don’t make time for. Lately, I have been especially keen on home and garden magazines, because they are a great source of inspiration, as hubby and I make our plans for the remodel and décor of our home. I have many pages dog-eared, to be added to my home and garden inspiration book.

Speaking of the house, we should finally be set to close on Friday.

This was taken about a month-and-a-half ago. There is a new roof on the house now. We were pretty happy and pleasantly surprised that the seller agreed to put a new roof on. 🙂
Again, this was taken awhile back, before the new roof. I will take new pictures on Friday.

So, this weekend and part of the next week will be spent getting the house to the point where we can actually live in it. We will be stripping down the basement, tearing out all of the carpeting in the house, as well as cleaning and painting.

At that point, we will at least be able to live in the house, though we will still have a lot to do. The outside needs a lot of work to, and those overgrown bushes will probably have to be taken care of within a week of closing as well.

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