Reinvigorated Kitchen Chalkboard Decor


So, by now you have figured out that shades of turquoise and aqua are like a drug to me.


Yes, I definitely have a problem. And yes, when observing my color addiction, people have been known to reference Marie’s purple obsession in Breaking Bad.

Here is a terrible photo of my wacky kitchen. As you can see, I have little blue accents everywhere. ;P Whatever… The color makes me happy, so why fight it?


Also, gotta love those wacky ’70s scallop cabinets in combination with that ugly tile, right? Ha! Just so much going on in there. It’s extremely dark in the kitchen because it’s pretty closed off from any natural lighting. One day the kitchen will be renovated, but for now I’ll just enjoy its “retro” (although, probably not in a good way, in this case) charm.

Anyway, this chalkboard shelf…decoration…thing in my kitchen was an upcycle from a thrifted item. I think I bought it for about $2.


I liked the decoration the way it was, especially the little decorative painting on the drawers. However, it had damage and marks on the wood, so staining it wasn’t really an option once I filled in the nicks and holes. I also didn’t really like the traditional green color of the chalkboard. So, I painted the chalkboard with black chalkboard paint.


I added hanging loops to the back because the original piece only had two giant holes at the top, which I filled before painting.

Seeing this chalkboard sign as I walk out of the kitchen throughout the day really does brighten my mood.


I should mention that my entire house is not shades of aqua and turquoise. It’s pretty concentrated in the living room and the kitchen. So, I’m just mostly crazy, not all crazy. The guest room and bathroom, for example, are grey and purple.




Since it’s in the main household thoroughfare, it’s the perfect place to write inspirational quotes, bible verses, reminders, or even little love notes to my husband. <3 (Go ahead and gag, if you want ;))


That little travel alarm clock from the ’60s was a flea market find.





Well, I’m off to write a new love note on the chalkboard sign. Let the gagging ensue! ;P

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