Reconstructed floral cowl dress

This dress was a project that was in the works for almost a year. I cut the material out and planned everything months and months ago. Since I’ve been pushing myself to work through my unfinished project pile, I decided to finish it.

It’s not really good for spring, but I’ll probably still get a bit of use out of it over the month or so.

I made this dress using a large thrifted mock-turtleneck shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture, but it was big and it had long sleeves and a mock-turtleneck.

So I hacked away at the top to create the bodice of this dress. I just kept cutting away material until I had pieces that would give me a nice fit. Then I sewed all the pieces together.

The skirt is a wonderful black ponte knit. I found several yards of it in the clearance section at G Street Fabrics last year. I can’t believe the nice fabrics you can find when you dig around the shelves on their clearance wall. I think this material was less than $3/yd.

I have gotten behind on blogging, so I’ll have many more posts coming soon. I hope you’re having a nice weekend!

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