On the hunt for vintage fabrics

I love using vintage materials when I create, especially since some of my designs are vintage inspired. I love our little thrift store here in town, I am lucky enough to find awesome fabrics at least once a week. On Saturday, I walked out of there with an entire bag full for only $1.59! You just can’t beat that, and I have found some of my favorite prints there.

For example:

The floral print I used for this dress and a shirt.

This purple knit floral fabric is one of my favorite finds ever. I’ve made quite a few things with this remnant that I got for 50 cents.

I also love to browse ebay and etsy, and have found excellent deals on amazing fabrics on both sites. I was browsing etsy for vintage fabrics yesterday, and came across quite a few that made me giggle with delight. This very unusual print in particular though really caught my eye, and it’s stretch knit (my favorite material). It’s very unique, and I love the retro colors.

This fabric is listed at the etsy store historicallydestash, but not for long. 😉 This etsy seller has lots of amazing vintage fabrics that made me go ooo and ahhh.

Here’s another of the retro prints they have listed:

  1. Trudy Callan

    July 20, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    The purple floral knit is my favorite, too. I never thought about looking on Ebay for fabric. I’ll have to see what they have.

    I would like to welcome you as one of mine and my daughter’s followers. Hope you enjoy your visits, and thanks for the compliments on the refashioned 70s outfit.

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