Old and forgotten material given new purpose

I love finding old and sad vintage material, and turning it into something full of joy and life. When I browse second hand stores and see old curtains with awesome retro patterns, I just get inspired to create.

Below are a few creations that have come out of those endeavors:

This is a dress I made using a vintage giant green retro dot curtain, and other recycled materials. It is currently available for sale on my website verityclothing.com

I made this matching tote out of the remainder of the material. =)

I made this one from the cutest brown and pink retro pattern curtain panel. I gave it awesome panels and ruffles!

I just finished this skirt, it is a custom creation for a gal here in Moscow. She wanted me to make an a-line skirt out of a tablecloth that she had, so here it is. It was a lot of work removing and reattaching the lace, but I am very happy with the way it turned out. I also added lace around the waist, and the cutest little button. I ended up having to line it because the material was so see-through. It is a size large, so it doesn’t fit me, but it’s going to be so cute on her.

Just spotted this set of vintage 1920a art deco curtain panels on etsy. They would be perfect for some coach pillows, or even a cute little apron.


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