Me-Made-May ’13

mmay13I’ve signed up for my first Me-Made-May. Yippee!

Here’s my pledge:

I, Becca, of Creative Notions, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavor to wear a different handmade garment every day for the duration of May 2013. I also pledge to sew at least two new garments and two activewear garments.

I’m excited to participate in Me-Made-May for the first time. It will help me take stock of my progress on my goal to have an almost entirely me-made wardrobe by the end of this year.

I plan to just do weekly posts with my outfits from each day, as I don’t want to bore you to death every day.

I have several makes (desperately needed casual wear) that I’m busy finishing so I can meet my goal. So, I’m off to get to work! There will be no shortage of posts from me over the next few weeks.

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2 Responses to Me-Made-May ’13

  1. GA says:

    GO!!!! GO!!!!! GO!!!! BTW, your mother looks awesome in the dress you made her!!!!!!

    • Becca says:

      Thanks for cheering me on! 🙂 Yay! They sent me pictures. Was she wearing it with the dangle belt when you saw her? I love it with that belt.

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