House Update: June 16-19

We continue to make progress on the house. This is an update about what we did from June 16-19.

We tore out the rest of the floor in the main level. Well, my husband did the majority of that, but I helped with some of it. We needed to take all that old flooring out in order to start on the new kitchen.

We discovered that there were five layers above the subfloor: the checked laminate, a layer of wood underneath that checked laminate, a layer of rust colored hexagonal laminate, a layer of avocado green (probably the original flooring), and another layer of wood above the subfloor.

As  you can see from the picture below, Alex also took the living room wall down to the studs. We will soon be taking that wall down completely, to open up the main living area. It is a load bearing wall, and Alex has calculated the size of beams we will need to span from the front and back of the house to a column in the middle. I’ll give the total renovation plan tomorrow, with images of the ultimate floor plan.

You can see Newton looking out the back slider. 🙂

After the kitchen was stripped down to the subfloor, we had to pull out hundreds of staples. It took the better part of an evening. I got blisters on my hand from the using the pliers for so long.

Once all the staples and screws were out of the subfloor, my husband started screwing down our secondary subfloor.  The floor feels so much sturdier, and it is eliminating the squeaks in the floor.

One evening, we worked on cleaning some of the siding and brick, as well as the shutters. We still have a lot of cleaning to do on the outside.

It looks much better without the green mildew.

We still need to get up to the dormers to clean the siding and get the window boxes down. The gutters need to be scrubbed down as well.


I cleaned some more windows, and started cleaning walls and ceiling in some areas.

I also took vent covers off, and cleaned the vents. The duct area in the picture below is in the hallway beside the stairs. These are the before pictures:

Behind the vent cover... Eek!

I cleaned inside of this duct and the wall around the vent, and that has already made more of the smell in the house dissipate.

The following photos will give you an idea of how dirty the walls and ceiling were.

This was after I started cleaning some of the kitchen ceiling. You can see a distinct yellowish color where I hadn’t cleaned yet.

This picture is from the master bedroom, after I started cleaning the wall. You can clearly see the area I cleaned on the left.

It isn’t just dirt on everything. I think that an indoor smoker must have lived in this house before, because there is a yellowish color to all the walls and ceiling.


We also loaded some of the junk pile and took it to the landfill.

Here are some pictures of Newton, just for kicks, and because I haven’t really posted any of him in a while.

I made a video tour of the house on Saturday. Unfortunately, I have to wait for a new cable for the camera before I can load it to my computer and post it on here. So, be on the lookout for that, at some point this week.

I’ll have a post up tomorrow about another dress that I made recently.

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10 Responses to House Update: June 16-19

  1. GA says:

    What great progress!!! It is going to be so nice.
    Give Newton a hug for me. GA

  2. Papa says:

    We bought a house in MD that had been owned by heavy smokers – yuck! Lots of work but it will be worth it. Give Newton a hug for me too!!

    • Becca says:

      Oh, when I was talking to dad Sunday, he said that you moved into a place like that in Germany. It seems maybe he had the places mixed up. It is taking forever to clean all of the walls and ceiling, but you are right, it will be worth it. Newton is enjoying all of the hugs. 😉

  3. Laura Burt says:

    Lookin’ good guys! You are going to have a castle by the time I get back! Thanks for the pics of Newton, I bet he misses me 🙂

    • Becca says:

      I don’t know about a castle, but it should be quite comfortable. Newton definitely misses you. He’ll be happy when you come home, and so will we. After all, we need to put you to work again. 😉

  4. Sarah Lewis says:

    Absolutely awesome! I can definitely hear the walls clapping!

    • Becca says:

      Thanks! It really is a wonderful house; it just hasn’t enjoyed any TLC for a while. We’re having fun getting so intimately acquainted with our house, even getting it down to the bare bones in some areas.

  5. Cindy says:

    Great job, Becca! And 5 subfloors?! Woah!

    And that is really quite dirty. Good thing you’re doing all this remodeling…all that dust and mold. It could definitely harm you if you aren’t careful!

    • Becca says:

      Thanks, Cindy! Unbelievable isn’t it?! I agree, it’s a very good thing that we’re doing all of the remodeling. We have the opportunity to thoroughly clean and to fix potential problems that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

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