Floral Micro Cord Alder Shirtdress


This dress jumped the blogging cue because it’s my new favorite, and I finally took some decent photos this time around.


The fabric was a gift that has been in my stash for years. It’s a beautiful floral micro cord. After I made my first Grainline Alder shirtdress (still unblogged, but I did share a photo on Instagram a while back), I knew it would be a great pattern to pair with this fabric for a fall dress.


I started with the size 2 this time, based on my high bust measurement, and did an FBA to add 3″ at full bust. I did a swayback adjustment on the back bodice, and removed some of the height from the back armscye. I also shortened the bodice portion by about 1.5″, and added the length back in the skirt.

I knew that the style wouldn’t lend itself well to a fitted waist, but I did take the waist in a tad for a little more shape. I don’t mind the ease in the waist, since my adjustments made it fit quite well in the arms, shoulders and bust.


I have a very high waist, and I recently discovered that my sister who is 5’7″ has the same waist to knee measurement as me. Our upper legs are even the same length. This lead to an observation among family members that I am essentially a similar shape to several of my sisters (who are all 5’7″ or taller, while I come in at a whopping 5’0″), but I’m just smooshed from my shoulders to my waist, and from my knees to my ankles. Ha! I’m the oldest of my five sisters, but people rarely thought that I was the oldest when we were growing up because I was so height challenged. Too bad people don’t equate height with youth once you’re out of childhood. I don’t think there’s any mistaking that I’m the oldest now. (>_<)


Well, I have no segway from that point, so let’s just jump right back to talking about the dress…

The pockets and all the topstitching are my favorite part. I placed my buttons closer together than the pattern calls for because I tend to prefer the security of an abundance of buttons. No free peep shows ’round these parts.


This dress ought to be perfect for fall layering, if fall ever arrives around here. However, the fabric is lightweight enough that I should still be able to wear it during warmer months, as well. I like to make garments that I can wear in different ways during different seasons.






Now, excuse me while I collapse in a medicine-induced stupor and (hopefully) dream I’m Thumbelina and can climb this Viriginia Creeper vine into the sky. Fingers crossed I can knock this flu and ear infection out within the next couple of days. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. heatherandthepugs

    November 17, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    This is super cute on you and you’ve really nailed the fit! It’s perfect! How funny that all your sisters are taller than you! 😉

    1. Becca

      November 28, 2016 at 2:03 pm

      Thanks so much, Heather! Yeah, but my husband’s sisters and mother are all short like me, so I guess I was just meant to marry into a family with shorter women. 😉

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