Pleated Raglan Sleeve Top & Thrifted Plaid Blazer

This post sat as a draft for over two years. So, let me just dust the cobwebs away here…Ahem.

I took these photos in our house here in TN, just before we moved in. So there may be some literal cobwebs in them. 😂


The room in which I’m standing in the photo above is what became my sewing space. It’s a large upstairs space and it gets a lot of natural sunlight. So, of course, I laid claim to it.


So, let’s talk about the shirt. This was made from a self-drafted pattern. As a reference point, I used a ready-to-wear shirt that had been a favorite, well-loved shirt for years.



I knew I wanted a shirt with a pleated raglan sleeve, so I drafted a raglan top from my basic shirt pattern and played around with the sleeve until I arrived at the look I was going for.


The two pleats intersect, with one crossing over the other, to create a flattering sleeve structure.


Most normal raglan sleeves look strange on me, but this has become one of my favorite patterns. This top was just the first iteration of this design, and I have made a few small changes to the fit.  I even used it as the basis for a dress that I will share soon.


There’s a keyhole in the back of the shirt, because, why not?


When I first made the top two years ago, I liked to pair it with a blazer and jeans because it was winter.

IMG_9852I found the vintage blazer at a thrift store a couple of months before these photos were taken. It gives off a very 70’s vibe, which I don’t mind (in moderation). It was just a smidge to small for me in the bust region, but I wouldn’t button it very often anyway.

These photos are really making me want to go get bangs again. I feel like they make me look younger…Of course, I am two years younger in these photos , so I guess that’s a factor. 😛

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