Dark brown dress with crocheted yoke

I thrifted this dress for about $1 many months ago and finally got around to altering it.


The dress was too big and the crochet yoke wasn’t really even noticeable

I removed the fabric that was behind the crochet section of the bodice. Since the crochet neckline was barely noticeable, I thought that removing the lining would make it show up better.

From the other side

I removed the pockets (For some reason in this material, they really added bulk at the hips) and took in both sides, adding shaping at the waistline.

I made the fit comfortable but not baggy

It looks nice paired with a cardigan, and soon enough I’ll be able to wear tights, too. Yes, the cardigan is buttoned crooked in this photo. Ha!



It looks nice with a belt too

I think I’d like to add some embroidery on the crochet neckline, but we’ll see if I find the time.

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  1. Marie says:

    Well done, this looks lovely!!!

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