Christmas Selfless Sewing & End of 2016 Road Trip

I’m behind in the blogging queue, but I’m popping in to finally share some selfless sewing from Christmas, as well as some details about our road trip to visit my family. For those who are not interested in the road trip, it’s at the end, so it’s easy to skip. 😉

Selfless Sewing

First, here’s some selfless sewing that I did last month in preparation for our Christmas trip to visit my family.

I made my sisters and my mom different infinity scarves.

Several of them are basically just big tubes, with panels of lace for a nice variation in texture. As you can see from the photos, they can be styled in different ways.

One of the scarves that I gave my mom has a braided section. I made scarves of a similar style for Brittany and her boyfriend’s sister.

To give you a taste of my youngest sister’s “youngest child complex,” she told me that she deserves this caption for the above photo, “this is my baby sister – she is a princess.” ;P She certainly gets treated like a princess by most of us. I guess, such is the “burden” of the baby of the family (insert snicker).

I also made them each a garment.

For my mom and my sister Heather, I made hi-low tops.

A couple of years back, I made a Deer & Doe Plantain, which I altered to have a hi-low hem (unblogged, see below).

So, I used that pattern as a basis for grading up and creating the patterns for their shirts. I made sure they were 3.5 inches longer than my pattern, but I should have lengthened them a couple more inches, as both my mom and Heather have very long torsos. However, I think they look fine with a shirt under them (which is actually how I used to wear mine).

For Laurie, I finally made the dress that I told her I would make over three years ago, that I mentioned in this post. The saddest part is that it was cut out and laying in my UFO pile for at least two years. 😮

For Brittany I made a slouchy cowl top based on a top that she had on her wishlist. I used one of my self-drafted basic v-neck patterns as a starting point and graded to create a pattern for her size.

The cowl is just a folded rectangle, that crosses over in the front.  The short edge of the rectangles were slightly gathered to create a bit more drape at the front of the cowl.

I technically re-gifted a handmade item to my dad, but it was literally only worn once by my husband. The fit was just too slim for his taste. It fits my dad pretty well, and I know he’ll wear it.

My sister Ashley was staying here in Nashville for a few months and helping me with a few projects, while she continued her job search. So, Ashley got an extra special gift. I gave her a box full of some fabric from my stash that she’d been eyeballing while she was out here. It was hard for me to part with it, but she had a specific project to use it for. So I figured it’d be better to give the material to her than to let it languish in my stash indefinitely. I will certainly share a photo when her project is finished. I also gave her some vintage clothing from my stash that I thought she might like, as well as a dress that she actually made for a show when she was staying out here (she helped me out by sewing up a couple of my designs in preparation for a market in October).

Road Trip & Christmas with my Family

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to drive out and visit with my family at Christmas. We had THE BEST time.

My parents moved from California to an area just outside of Las Vegas at the beginning of last year. They have a nice little place in a community with a man-made lake and a nice view of the mountains.

All four of my sisters, my grandparents, and one sister’s boyfriend and his sister were there. It was wonderful to see everyone together.

Luckily, two of my sisters are living in Vegas, and they are renting a house together not far from where my parents’ place is, so we had plenty of space.

On Christmas Eve, We went to a candlelight service and spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company and waiting for one more sister to arrive.

For Christmas morning, we had the opportunity for to serve the homeless at a park in Vegas. Alex contacted a couple of ministries about a month ahead of time to find an opportunity for us to serve on Christmas. It was a very special way to start our Christmas that put us out of our comfort zones and made us focus on others.

So, that morning, Alex and I got up early and made breakfast for everyone. Then, we went out and served as a family.

Yep, that about sums it up. How I feel in the morning meets that first cup of coffee. 😛

Upon returning, we opened stockings, and each of the “kids” got a nerf gun and some extra ammo. Then, while we were opening gifts, my dad opened a gift from my mom, which just so happened to be a tommy gun with about 40 nerf bullets. :O He started firing into the room, and thus began an epic nerf battle over the next couple of days (with a few cease-fires mixed in).

Honestly, it was the best way to get some exercise. I’m astonished that we didn’t break anything in the house. I learned that I’m great at stockpiling and hiding ammo caches, and I’m basically an expert sniper with a nerf gun. ;P

I also learned that Alex is an adorable elf, but I still shot him point-blank a couple of times. Haha!

My sister, Brittany, made a Christmas pinata. Unusual, but awesome. We are all adults now, but we can still do silly activities and have fun together.

I had to share a pic of Ashley in her favorite coat that she made a couple years back. So cute! <3

We also celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday with a surprise party, while we were all there.

It was a late ’60s themed party to correspond with the time of her birth. We all even dressed up in outfits that had a late ’60s flair. Brittany and Laurie were more hippie-ish. Ashley and I made our outfits, which were decidedly more Mod. We helped Heather find a Mod-ish dress at a thrift store when we got there.

Amazingly, my mom happened to fit the theme perfectly with her attire as well, as she wore her most boho outfit.

When the party was over (when the non-family guests went home), my sister’s and I played Twister (because it fit the theme of the late ’60s) and had a dance party. Twister was a lot more difficult than we remembered it being, mostly because it’s almost impossible with a bunch of adult bodies. :*D

Being the most petite out of the sisters, I was, inevitably, the victor. Hail, Queen of Twister!

On our last night in Las Vegas, we went downtown to watch the dancing water at Bellagio and walk around Caesar’s Palace.

When we left Las Vegas, we drove to California to spend some time with Alex’s grandma.

He makes a face like this almost every time I attempt to take a picture of him on road trips.

We love visiting with Alex’s grandma and playing games with her. She is so much fun to be around, and she always insists on cooking up wonderful food.

Then, we stopped through Tuscon to visit his aunt. I always enjoy staying at her house.

She has a unique adobe house that is full of plants. <3 #plantgoals

She also has an awesome wall of books in her dining room.

We often talk about books, and she always suggests books or gives me books to borrow.

I really miss the West side of the country. The different landscapes and the wide open sky are beautiful.

Now that I have been out of the Southern California desert for almost a decade, I have really grown to appreciate it. It has a beauty of its own , and the Joshua trees are unique and striking.

Well, if you made it through that post, congratulations!

That is by no means the end of my recent spate of selfless sewing. I also sewed up a few birthday presents over the past couple of months, which I’ll be sure to share in an upcoming post.

Have you done any selfless sewing or crafting recently? Is it rare for you or is it a regular occurrence?

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    January 25, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Never can have enough sisters!!
    And sweet to include a Grandma- we love that!

    1. Auntie Anne

      January 25, 2017 at 1:24 pm

      After all Grandmothers started the bunch!!

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