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Summer Braid Obsession

Every year when summer begins to emerge from the final days of spring, I hear voices telling me to cut all of my hair off. Since moving to a place with high humidity, the voices almost reached the point of chanting “resistance is futile.”…

So put it in a bun, or something, you might be thinking. Well, it’s a nice thought, but my hair has faced a new and formidable enemy in Maryland: humidity. The wet air makes every short strand slither out from my hairline, making me look like…you guessed it, Medusa.

Anyway, for those who have thin hair, perpetual ponytails might be acceptable. For people with thick hair, however, it can be unbearable. So to avoid head and scalp aches this summer, other hair containment ideas were in order. Continue reading

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Raffle Winner and Warrior Dash Recap

Without further ado, let me announce the winner of the raffle. Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle and/or donated money to St. Jude! Your generosity will go a long way toward helping to save lives. There were 21 raffle entries. I assigned numbers based on order of entry. The winner, chosen by random number generator is…

We hit mud right away, and some people next to me were somersaulting into the mud puddles and splashing everyone with mud. My shoes immediately soaked up the mud. They started to pull off every time I took a step in the mud, and we were less than a half mile into the race. At one point, I couldn’t get out of the deepest part of the mud, and a girl was kind enough to pull me up to the more solid part of the trail… Continue reading

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My first 10K trail race

This past Saturday, I ran in my first 10K race…

Another unexpected aspect of the race was the hills. The course description used the words “mostly relatively flat” to describe the trail.

Not true… Continue reading

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Training for long distance races

Last month, I started training for a few progressively longer races, with the hopes of potentially running a marathon at the very beginning of June…This week I started to change my running form (forefoot running–mimicking the way I would run barefoot), and I cannot believe how much more I enjoy running. I feel like I am gliding across the ground, and I’m not embarrassed at the thought of other people seeing me run (My old running form was the antithesis of graceful. As my dad used to say when he watched me run during soccer games, I always looked like I was falling over)…It felt so natural, and as unbelievable as this sounds, I shaved one minute per mile off of my typical time. On top of that, I didn’t have any knee or hip pain. Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Hairstyles

I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the hairstyles that I have done recently. On Monday I experimented with a variation on a bun. I needed something that would take me through errands in the morning and working on the house later in the day. Since my hair is still fairly short and layered, a regular bun that stays in place can sometimes be difficult to achieve. A few little buns work just fine though. Continue reading

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Dressing Properly for the Day

I have been wearing raggedy clothes non-stop for the past few weeks…I know that some feel you must dress your best every day, no matter what the day holds. My feeling is that it’s silly and inappropriate to dress up to do the type of work we’re doing each day. How do you feel about dressing for the task/day ahead? Continue reading

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Verity Clothing Will Redirect to Creative Notions

Welcome to my new blog. This move will allow me to post about a variety of creative topics, and therefore, more frequently. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my Creative Notions. 😉 Continue reading

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Pajama Jeans…Are you kidding me?!?!

So, I saw a commercial for these earlier on the tube. I cannot believe someone thought this was a good idea. You can see more (if you dare) here: These are nothing short of distressing. Why on earth are … Continue reading

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