An outfit for boating and gardening

I recently made this outfit for boat outings and working in the yard.

I didn’t wear it when we went boating yesterday (more on that at the end) because we went in the evening and it was a bit cool when we were moving.

The shorts were made from the bottom part of the skirt on this dress.

I found the dress at the thrift store in Nashville at Christmas. I’ll use the rest of it eventually.

I used the shorts pattern that I drafted last summer, and added a white rib-knit waistband.

I made the tank top from a turquoise stripe rib knit that I’ve been hoarding for several years.

I drafted the shirt pattern from an old tank top, and after a few tweaks here and there, I achieved a nice fit.

This will be perfect for future boat outings.

Speaking of boating, we went out on my in-laws’ boat for the first time yesterday evening. It was a lovely evening! It was a bit chilly when we were moving, but with a sweatshirt it was comfortable.

I think Newton enjoyed it the most.

He kept balancing on the edge, trying to catch water in his mouth. Here are some shots of him doing it, for those of you who don’t mind looking at dog bums.

I thought he would be scared, but he seemed to love the experience.

We saw some lovely homes on the water.

Wrap around decks on both levels... Drool!

And the sunset was beautiful.

See those small pools of ripples on the top right side of the photo? Those were little fish jumping out. Unfortunately, they were jumping out to get all the mosquitoes that emerged at dusk.


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