A Wall of Vintage Patterns

While thrifting in Idaho, I found an unbelievable amount of vintage patterns.

One thrift store had several buildings to wade through. I was going to skip the last one, as it appeared to just be old kitchen items. However, thinking I would surely miss something important, I went through the building. I entered the last room in this building, and was surprised and overjoyed. One wall was packed with sewing patterns. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that many of them were old sewing patterns. My heart was racing, as I anticipated what I might find as I began to dig through. I probably spent about an hour sorting through all of the patterns and choosing the ones that I fancied.

In this strange, hidden room I also found a sleeve ironing board. I have been looking in thrift stores for one of these for quite some time. It was a serendipitous find, and I squealed quietly upon spotting it behind some junk. In this same shop, I also found some cute bird-printed fabric.

When I came to the counter to check out, I was even more thrilled. Each of the patterns was a mere $0.10, and the woman manning the counter said that she’d give me several of the ones that didn’t have envelopes, free of charge.

I found patterns at some other thrift stores as well, with costs ranging from $0.25 to $2.00. Here are some of the lovely patterns I came home with.

I immediately had plans for several of the patterns (the four in the top photo), and will be posting those projects shortly.

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