Summer of Kelly Skirts

kellyskirtsI don’t often make the same pattern multiple times, but since I love my first Kelly skirt so much, I made a couple more for an easy summer wardrobe. It’s so easy to slip one of these on with a basic tank or tee.

Both skirts were made with fabrics from my stash. The blue one is made from a vintage poly-blend of some sort. The beige one is made from what I think is some form of twill. I purchased it about a year and a half ago from the clearance section at G Street Fabrics.

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My Wardrobe is Abuzz with Hummingbirds

IMG_8271The Hummingbird pattern has certainly tickled my fancy. This is the third of four items (so far) that I’ve shown you that was made using this pattern. I actually finished all three tops and the skirt I’ve made from this pattern over a month ago, but we all know how easy it can be to fall behind with taking photos and posting about finished projects.

I shared this Hummingbird skirt last week and mentioned that I had made a top that matched the pocket lining. Well, here’s the top I was referring to.

I found the knit that I used for this top at one of my favorite thrift stores. This material was part of the thrift haul, I mentioned in this post. I believe it was $2 for about 4 yards! It is super lightweight, so unfortunately I have to wear an undershirt with it to go out in public. It’s perfect for days that I’m at home and want to stay cool though.

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Blasting into Summer with a Bombshell

IMG_8453I’ve been debating since last week about posting pictures of my Bombshell swimsuit on me. I know that it’s helpful for other sewists to see garments on a body rather than flat or on a hanger, but I just would rather not have pictures of me in a swimsuit floating around the internet (Let the chick-chick-chicken calls ensue). I’d still like to share some pictures of the suit, with you though. 🙂

When the sewing blogs exploded with Bombshells (forgive me, I just couldn’t help myself :-P), I was filled with excitement about the pattern, too. I bought the pattern almost immediately after its release, and I’ve had this swimsuit completed for several weeks. I’ve worn it several times already, and I have to say, I really LOVE this suit. I may not be posting pictures of it on me, but that has nothing to do with being self-conscious. The suit accentuates curves in all the right ways. I truly feel beautiful and confident while wearing it. It probably would have been too much for y’all to handle anyway. 😉 The dress form certainly keeps things on this blog innocuous, albeit somewhat boring.

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Hummingbird Skirt & Refashioned Pink Plaid Shirt

IMG_8218I finished this denim Hummingbird skirt several weeks ago, and I’ve worn it and washed it a few times since then. I was really unsure how I’d like it, but it has grown on me…

For Cake patterns, you cut the size closest to your own measurements. It’s recommended that you cut the next size up if you’re between sizes, and adjust the fit during the sewing process. So, I cut the 28″ waist and 40″ hip. The finished hip measurement was perfect, but because my waist measurement is currently 26.5″, I made several adjustments to the skirt once I had it together.

I refashioned the pink plaid shirt back in May. You may recall it from the last day of MMM.

It started out as a shapeless button-down shirt. The shirt sat for about two years waiting to be reconstructed. In May, I finally decided to do something with it.

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Turquoise Polka Dot Hummingbird

IMG_8051Being the procrastinator that I am when it comes to photographing projects, I have created quite the backlog. Rather than going in chronological order, I’ve decided to skip around and share some of my more recent makes. I made this top about 3 weeks ago.

I’d been saving this knit polka dot material for a Hummingbird top since I bought it at a thrift store a couple of months ago. It came in a $1 bag with mostly 1/2 yard cuts of material. I had a little more than half a yard to work with, but I was determined to make it work. Happily, I was able to just squeeze all of the pattern pieces onto the material.

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Vacation & the Fourth of July

IMG_20130628_074124We (Alex and I and my in-laws) just returned this weekend from a trip to Spirit Lake, IA to visit some friends. They live on East Okoboji Lake, so we had the privilege of waking up to this view every morning.

We all had a wonderful time and they were terrific hosts. We even got to go out on a boat a couple of times.

You’d think I would’ve had plenty of extra time to do a few posts here and there, but I really had no interest. Let’s be real, here…Can you blame me?

I think I only went on the internet once or twice the whole trip. It was nice to unplug for a while. I worked a bit on my computer, but nothing that required internet access. I did a lot of looking out at the lake and thinking or reading. I even had the opportunity to do a little sewing. 😀 Our hostess was sweet enough to let me use her sewing machine while we were there. Sewing while listening to the water lap onto the shore was a restorative experience.

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