Last Minute “Sew for Victory” Dress

IMG_6318I learned about the Sew for Victory challenge really late in the game (this past Sunday), but I decided that I really wanted to try to complete a project for it.

I’m keeping this post really brief in order to meet the deadline, but I may add a separate post in the next few days with more details about the alterations I made to the pattern.

This dress took a LONG time. The buttons and belt added a lot more time to the project, but I would say it was time well spent.

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Mini Mushrooms Make Me Merry Dress

IMG_6102I know, I know, the title. I just couldn’t help myself with the alliteration. Besides, it’s a totally true title. Oops! There I go again.

I realize the title of this post could give some people the wrong idea. Don’t worry, I’m not on shrooms. The mushrooms on this dress do make me pretty happy though.

I found this material last year at a thrift store. I believe I purchased it for about $0.50. It was in excellent condition, with no stains or smells. After a good washing and pressing it was reinvigorated.

It appears to have been cut away from a longer curtain of some sort. The top was clearly cut by pinking shears. It had a hem on the bottom with weights at the corners, and each edge was finished. I had to take apart the hem and sides to get some extra inches of width and length.

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Blue 40s DuBarry Dress

IMG_5981I’m still here! I have sewed a few things, but I have been a very bad blogger and neglected to post for a while–which, unfortunately, means that I have already failed at one of my goals for the year. Oops… Although I sometimes go MIA briefly, rest assured, I will be back (As you no doubt have figured out, if you’ve read this blog for a while)…

OK, enough of the excuses! I’m making myself dizzy with self-disappointment. Here is a finished dress…

I made several alterations to the pattern. I didn’t add the yoke (I don’t like high necklines), and I used bias tape and top-stitched around the neckline. I also adjusted the shoulders at the neckline to account for the missing yoke. Many vintage patterns have unbelievable amounts of ease and this one was no exception, so I took the dress in a tad on the sides. The sleeves are also smaller than the original pattern. I ended up making them a little too tight for my taste, but they work…

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