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First Thrift Haul of 2013

IMG_5878I went on one of my thrift and flea market circuits this weekend, and I can’t help but share what I found. I hadn’t been out “thrifting” in months, and I almost didn’t go out this weekend. But, boy, am I glad I went on Saturday! Continue reading

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Looking Forward to 2013

IMG951740Can you believe it’s 2013? 2012 went by so fast. I was going to jump on the sewing blogger bandwagon and post a recap of my 2012 projects, but I figured if anyone is interested they can just look through the 2012 archives.

I didn’t post any goals for 2012, but I did in 2011. I looked back at those and was happy to find that I’d worked on most of them over the past two years. Many of the items on that list are ongoing goals that remain on my list for 2013. And since making lists is one of my favorite things to do, I’ve made a short list for 2013. It really helps me to enumerate my goals for the year. Displaying them publicly means that I’ll be more likely to strive for them. Continue reading

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