Sewing Casual Wear Can be Fun

Over the last few summer months, I worked on adding a bit more casual wear to my wardrobe.

I reconstructed a vintage tank top into a top that fits better and has a little more character….

I made a tank pattern last summer, using one of my favorite tank tops, but never used it until this summer. This floral tank is one of the several I made using the pattern…

I also made a couple pairs of thrift store pants into shorts

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Try Some Spaghetti Squash

My favorite vegetable of the moment is spaghetti squash. If you’ve never tried it, you should!

I’d never had it until a few months ago, when I saw one in the grocery store. I felt so adventurous putting such an unfamiliar item in my grocery cart….

It is a great substitute for spaghetti noodles, if you’re looking to cut back on your carbohydrates once in a while. I’ve had it several times now with spaghetti sauce and spicy Italian turkey sausage. It doesn’t have the same texture as noodles, but I never feel like I’m missing out when I have it.

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Turquoise Leopake Tie-Back Dress

I finished this reconstruction project more than a month ago, but I’d still like to show it to you….

I’ve tried to imagine what this print is actually supposed to be, but it boggles my mind.

It does seem like some sort of abstract mystery animal print. Is it supposed to be a drug-induced vision of a leopard? Or maybe a psychedelic snake? Or perhaps some sort of prehistoric bug? Maybe I’m completely off-base here, and its supposed to be interpreted as cracked dirt, or sections of cooled rock floating in molten lava….

Below are the steps in the reconstruction process. You can skip to the end if you’re only interested in the final product….

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Birds in My Pockets

I watched the dirt shift ‘round my toes,
Enjoying this new found repose.
Then grasping a feather to admire,
I looked up to find an otherworldly choir:
A beautiful array of birds on a wire….

So I stitched some birds in my pockets
To be always carried by their song.
I may not have wings to fly apace,
But I can use a quill with grace;
I can sing along….

Like the swimsuit that I posted earlier this week, I finished these shorts on the road…

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Summer Braid Obsession

Every year when summer begins to emerge from the final days of spring, I hear voices telling me to cut all of my hair off. Since moving to a place with high humidity, the voices almost reached the point of chanting “resistance is futile.”…

So put it in a bun, or something, you might be thinking. Well, it’s a nice thought, but my hair has faced a new and formidable enemy in Maryland: humidity. The wet air makes every short strand slither out from my hairline, making me look like…you guessed it, Medusa.

Anyway, for those who have thin hair, perpetual ponytails might be acceptable. For people with thick hair, however, it can be unbearable. So to avoid head and scalp aches this summer, other hair containment ideas were in order.

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Back from the depths of a blogging lull

What a busy summer this has been. I’ve enjoyed focusing on life in the real world, but I’ve missed the virtual community.

I may not have been posting updates this summer, but I have still been working on various projects. So, I have a lot of sewing and reconstruction projects to share, along with some recipes, hairstyles, and other fun stuff.

While I would love to write a couple of lengthy recap posts of my summer, I’ll just give a (relatively) quick explanation of my absence.

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