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It’s spring!

Spring means it’s time to bring out the warm-weather outfits…
…time to enjoy the re-emergence of my potted plants (Yay! :))…
…and time to take tons of photographs. Continue reading

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Polka dots for spring

I found this vintage polka dot dress at the thrift store for $5. That’s more than I am usually willing to pay, but I tried it on at the store and I envisioned what it could be, so I decided $5 wasn’t so bad…In general, it was a bit too small. It had boning which was poking into me and sticking out in places…The boning also made the dress look a bit to snug at the waist, and the skirt was a bit tighter than what I consider comfortable at the hips. Continue reading

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The bees are back in town

Spring is here! There are so many trees blooming and animals and insects moving…Although I’ve been thinking about how much I love spring over the past few days, I’ve also been paranoid about the return of the bugs… Despite the influx of bugs however, to my everlasting thankfulness, there had been no wasps.

Friday morning that all changed…

Continue reading

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Patuxent Pi Trail Run

This is just a quick report on a race that I ran yesterday…The race was in support of a local high school’s cross country and math teams. The race was much larger than I thought it would be. It seemed like there were at least 150 runners.
The course was 3.14 miles long, through trails and around parts of the high school…At the end of the race, the top three from each age group won a pie. Continue reading

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Reconstructed floral cowl dress

This dress was a project that had been in the works for almost a year. I cut the material out and planned everything months and months ago. Since I’ve been pushing myself to work through my Unfinished project pile, I decided to finish it…I made this dress using a large thrifted mock-turtleneck shirt. Unfortunately, I don’t have a before picture, but it was big and it had long sleeves and a mock-turtleneck…So I hacked away at the top to create the bodice of this dress. I just kept cutting away material until I had pieces that would give me a nice fit. Then I sewed all of the pieces together. Continue reading

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Spring watercolor dolman shirt

This was a quick and easy project, made from a self-drafted pattern…The material that I used for the top is a comfy lightweight sweater material…I don’t remember where or when I acquired this material, but there’s quite a bit left. I had been thinking about making a dress in a similar shape to this top, but I convinced myself to make a top first so that I could ensure a proper fit. Now, I think I’m going to make a dress from this same material. Continue reading

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Self-drafted raglan sleeve hoodie

I finished this hoodie last week, and wore it before the 10K race this past Saturday…It was made from a self-drafted pattern, using a green/blue waffle knit and a floral material. Continue reading

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