California, Hurricane Irene, and a Return to Normalcy

For part of my blog absence, I was visiting my family in California, and decided to focus solely on spending time with them…Alex and I came home Friday to the approach of a hurricane. Our flight was delayed, but we were one of the last flights allowed into BWI (Baltimore/Washington International) Airport.

We got home a little after three on Saturday morning, and woke up about four hours later to wind and heavy rain. We immediately made our way to my in-laws’ house to hunker down for the worst of Hurricane Irene.

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“Going to California” Dress

I’m going to California to visit family and friends in a week, and I wanted to have a “summer worthy” dress.

Instead of going through the step-by-step process for this project, I thought I’d change it up. I’m going to tell you a few quick things about the project: the pattern, the highlights (the most challenging aspect, my favorite part, etc.), and the total time spent.

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Lace and Geometry Dress

A few months back, I found the vintage dress pictured below.

I’m not sure why I snatched it up so fast at the thrift store, because the dress went immediately into my “maybe later” pile. And there it remained for many months, while I continued to glance at it and say, “maybe later.”

Since I hadn’t sewn any clothing in a while, I was up for a challenge last week. So I pulled this dress out of the box, and put my brain to work.

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Feel my Wasp-loathing Wrath

I thought we had a truce, an understanding, an appreciation for one another. But the wasps have disturbed the peace.

Since the “Battle of the Retaining Wall” (my name for the stinging event that took place on our first day of work on the house), the wasps had attempted to demoralize me and to bully me, but never again had they sought to assault me. This behavior was all a ploy, a performance to disguise their true plot…Let’s get something straight here. You can attack me, persecute me, and terrorize me. But the minute you turn your spiteful eyes toward an innocent puppy, you invoke the full fury of this furry friend-lover.

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